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    Glowing nightlight with removable glow balls for trips to the bathroom. This is awesome!

    Boon Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls,White by Boon,

    This is a fridge, you put your stuff in the gel and it keeps it cool, than you just reach in and take it out. the gel automatically reforms. #future #tech

    Bring a thunderstorm into your living room with the decorative and functional interactive cloud lamp. Designed to look like a dark and brooding storm cloud...

    glow stones--you can put them in your yard, along your driveway, wherever, and they glow at night after soaking sun all day. so cool looking!

    iChair - has an iPhone / iPod dock with built-in personal speakers! #product_design #furniture_design

    Awesome galaxy projector lamp

    Soap Flakes Soap Blocks instead of liquid Soaps Today, most of the soap we use is liquid soap, which contains a lot of water. Block soap instead is more concentrated and therefore has some ecological benefits: You don’t transport unnecessary water around. In place of plastic bottles you can simply use paper for packaging. The solid blocks can easily be piled and allow a greater space efficiency in a truck.

    Narnia-like Wardrobe Hidden Playroom

    Reading bed time stories, snuggled up in this incredibly soft, giraffe chair is going to be their new favorite thing to do. Looking forward to spending quality time with the little ones.

    Log stools painted with glow in the dark paint. Neat idea for the backyard fire pit. (Includes link to article about how to make Glow in the Dark paint.)

    City Lights Globe - lights up to show how the world's cities look at night from space.

    Dinosaur lamps Thinking these may be an awesome present for my Tbug! maybe it would get him to sleep in his own bed! Ha!

    coolest fruit holder ever!

    I've always liked secret hiding places like this

    Hopefully robbers don't use Pinterset...

    BANG! lamp by bitplay

    Hedgehog Nightlight from Land of Nod. Cute.

    A collection of the most awesome things you could ever have in your house.

    1/2 cup salt, 1/2 cup flour, 1/4 cup (give or take) water. Knead until dough forms. Make impression. Bake at 200 for 3 hours. Do every summer and make a stepping stone path :).... Love!