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Coordinates, I do something similar to this but I'm going to borrow some of these ideas.

"Human" Sized Coordinate Graph Game - READ HOW TO PLAY HERE = Make a "human" sized coordinate graph by placing tape on the floor for the x and y axis. Label the quadrants. Have a student stand at the origin, tell them the ordered pair. #mathgames #coolmath

Battleship-coordinate planes and ordered pairs. Students enjoy playing it.

way to teach double digit borrowing from your neighbor a whole new meaning.

Butterfly Fractions. Another way how to learn how to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators.

How to Teach Arrays - super fun arrays activities like Array-nbows that your students will love

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Even and Odd Numbers - Math Unit

How to teach evens and odds so kids will truly understand. Engaging and hands on lessons for teaching even and odd numbers $

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Linear Equations Flippables

Could do something similar for integrated science and defining the variables for power, velocity etc.

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6th Grade Coordinate Plane Task Cards

This set of task cards address all areas of the common core regarding coordinate plane tasks. This includes identifying points in all four quadrants, polygons in the coordinate plane, naming quadrants, etc. $