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8-Bit Bike Wheel Light - generates thousands of constantly changing patterns and colors, but can be easily adjusted to show just the designs you want

What You Really Know About Bicycles : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR

'Bicycling as therapy' for war vet non-profit group. That’s where the Ride 2 Recovery program steps in. This non-profit organization seeks to help ex-soldiers by assisting in mental and physical rehabilitation via bike-based initiatives.

Škoda Motorsport Bicycle Lineup

Twitter: @lorenagcarbajal Windrider Reflective Bicycle Clip

Taking the classic paper route to a whole new level, this innocent bicycle has been fitted with a chainsaw, amusingly attached so if the wheels are turning, the chainsaw is spinning.

New Yorker Casey Neistat was ticketed $50 for riding his bike outside of a bike lane. He then made this PSA to show what happens to obedient NYC bicyclists who stay where they belong… (BTW, I'm laughing with Casey at the inanity of bureaucracy)

Best bike song ever. Part of me wants to be these guys. (Another part of me thinks, these guys would be the reason car drivers hate bikes.)

Saddle up! Oh wait... Finding your bike too conventional? In the "crazy ways to get around" category, the FLIZ pedal-less bike is certain to turn heads. While it's not the most practical bike-variation I've seen, it has the benefit of actually working, unlike some other prototypes. I doubt it'll catch on because, unlike on a bike, you have no gearing, but it's still an interesting idea.