quaint pathway in JapanBrought to you

Pebble mosaic by Maggy Howarth

Good instructions for making over your backyard with a walkway. Minick Materials can help you figure it out!

Curves pathway and Circle planters leading to my meditation space... Side yard maybe?

Checkerboard pathway leads to a garden wonderland! Source: wanelo.com #fairytale #storybook #plant

Pavers lining the sidewalk/driveway... "dress up" a standard entry

Small courtyard garden.

Love. Take dollar stepping stones and arrange them in a unique pattern—then I'd fill in with small crushed gravel—love the ease of installation.

Path through the yellow ground covers (Aurinia saxatilis?) and loose but structural boxwood border with white roses on either side

Love these pavers, trying to locate local vender now

Cheap concrete squares set on the diagonal changes a budget idea to elegance. Try strips of artificial turf between them for low maintenance.


I Love Japan

camino de piedras

Pavers on the diagonal.

Beautiful garden with a walkway

Gorgeous garden path

Rock Path

at home

lovely idea to keep dogs out of the garden!! Garden Border Fencing - Decorative Edging with Flowers, Set of 3