Start off the new school year with these community building activities.

Good for self esteem

All About Me Puzzle Poster

First day of school activity! Great way to get to know what the students have been up to all summer!

All About Me Poster FREEBIE

Free Printable Board Game Templates... Good place for Brownies to start while working on their Making Games badge

going to remake this for other uses with my students


Hurty Feelings - youtube video building a classroom community

Think sheet. Have the student fill this out when they have broken a classroom rule or hurt the feelings of another student, have the student reflect on their behavior and then fix the situation. I like this because it lets them think of alternatives rather than just apologizing and moving on. It also is a communication to the parents about behavior!!

Beginning of Year

back to school activity

Beginning of the Year

Beginning of the year!

All About Me Craft for Classroom Activity- use construction paper circles instead of the worksheet

Mystery Person. End of the Year Activity. Teacher makes up a small description about every student and see if the class can guess who everyone is

ALL ABOUT ME FREEBIE! - this is great for FIRST week of school - so fun!!

Perfect little anchor chart for the first week of school! :) Great way to discuss solving problems in the classroom!

This All About Me beginning of the year activity can be adapted to any grade. Love it!

All About Me- first day of school activity

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