• Jenna B

    This is such a breathtaking picture, it speaks volumes of love and trust ♥ I love pitbulls.

  • Maia Swartz

    Pit bull unconditional love ♥

  • Ashley Bajalia

    This image speaks volumes- This moves my heart!!

  • Miki Depee Lowe

    they recognize and appreciate a helping hand

  • Jana

    "DON'T WORRY BABY, I'LL KEEP YOU WARM"~ Sometimes a photo really is worth a thousand words. Today the Harmony Fund made a donation to Save Our Suffering Strays in Sarejevo so that they may continue to care for dogs like this one who have been cold and hungry for so long. WINTER RESCUES: To help us grant wishes to 'underdog' animal rescue squads in the coldest places on earth, visit us here http://harmonyfund.org/donate/emergency-fund-for-animals-in-crisis

  • Robin Layton

    Me and Loki, a wonderful shelter dog.

  • Grazia Pitetti Bellomo

    Pets Lovers's photo: ♥ this pic. I just love this!

  • Aimee Ouellette-Young

    This is such a breathtaking picture, it speaks volumes of love and trust...for my friend Cathleen Harris.

  • Greta Geren
    Greta Geren • 2 years ago

    Ok...this made me cry...seriously...my pits cuddle like that...they are so loving and forgiving

  • Kirstin Fristad
    Kirstin Fristad • 2 years ago

    I want a doggie nuzzle like that :(

  • Ayanna Hervey
    Ayanna Hervey • 2 years ago

    I cuddled with my baby last night after witnessing a car strike a dog and leaving the scene. It was a pit and it was horribly wounded but managed to survive. For how long I'm not sure. I had to flag down mall security and a Sheriff so they could get the dog out of the middle of the street and get animal control involved. It broke my heart. I cried all the way home.

  • Kathy Fleming
    Kathy Fleming • 2 years ago

    At least you got the pit help, Ayanna. Good job!

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