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Hash Jeans

How I wish I could wear these again. They were the best fitting Jeans I have ever worn and it would be nice if they brought these back again, instead of the disgusting jeans they are selling these days with the two inch zipper...I hate those.

Salisbury Steak TV Dinner

jeans with patches -- I remember going to the store to buy the patches.

quilted robes

a grade school essential in school supplies

Loved to go to the Roller rinks back in the late 70s and early 80's. So much fun!

Remember passing notes…long before texting!


The importance of the Slam book. | 53 Things Only '80s Girls Can Understand

4 Colors

I had a pair of these double zipper jeans back in the 70s...it was easy to catch a piece of skin in those zippers. We also called them "drive-in" jeans because of the supposed ease of access. lol

Autograph Books!

Teen girls in the '70's

Paper Hand-written Report Card. We got the first computer ones around 1980.


I loved to color!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the EXACT model that I used in typing class.... The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog....

Mid 1970s - Rugby Shirts. HUGE Trend (1975 - 1977). Matched up well with Jeans or Painter Pants

The red ink stain to teach you how to brush

Vintage 1970's Famolare. Wore these in high school !