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Hash Jeans

Awe!! Had a few of these..

Hash jeans, I had several pair.

Vintage 1970's Famolare. Wore these in high school !

70's VTG Hi There FAMOLARE Platform Wedge. I had these in high school! Loved them. Comfortable too

Critter Sitters - loved them! I mademy slam book in a bigger size CritterSitters

I loved to color!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mid 1970s - Rugby Shirts. HUGE Trend (1975 - 1977). Matched up well with Jeans or Painter Pants

Some of us remember these old desks.

jeans with patches -- I remember going to the store to buy the patches.

with my #2 pencil

Spot, Sally, Dick and Jane = favorite grade school reading

Dick and Jane

school dance

I remember this book!

Chic jeans

Mimeograph machine - Sniffffffff!!!!! Ah, the smell of fresh ink!

a grade school essential in school supplies

Remember passing notes…long before texting!

Wrap around jean skirt...Had one!