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Primitives By Kathy White Box Sign, Dance Like by Primitives By Kathy. $8.43. Wonderful gift item. Made of wood. Can freestand on tabletop or hang for wall display. This sign reads "dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening and live each day like it's your last." primitives by kathy is a leader in quality and desigin of decorative signs.

"Call Your Mother" Pillow - Alexandra Ferguson

Most people from elsewhere misconceive what being a Southerner means. It does NOT mean that all southerners are belligerent folks who speak with an over embellished southern drawl. There are some of us who speak intelligently and without the over embellishment. It does NOT mean that we are the backwoods, inbred, ignorant folks portrayed on TV. We are NOT all simple minded! 'Many of us' are complex and refined in our own rights! I am PROUD to be a SOUTHERNER! ~ Her Darling & His Sweetie

Tips and tricks for decorating with baskets

Tips + Tricks for Decorating with Baskets: Come see this pretty family room that is livable, functional and still pretty! Lots of home decor ideas including an easy gallery wall!

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I am grateful to come home to the love of my life everyday. Home is not a building... It's the fortress of love between two people. THANK YOU GOD for the love of my life.