polymer clay handles for crochet hooks

Polymer Clay Crochet Hooks

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Do your hands hurt when you crochet? Make your hands more comfortable with this EASY PHOTO TUTORIAL for making polymer clay crochet hook handles.

How to make your own polymer clay crochet hook handles

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How to Crochet: Bullion Stitch Ah so there is a trick to it! I've always had trouble with this stitch - my tension is quite firm and I can never pull the crochet hook through

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Polymer clay tutorials

Make your own Comfort Hooks with pencil grips.

Do your hand hurts when you crochet? Make your hands more comfortable with this easy photo tutorial for making polymer clay crochet hook handles - Dabbles & Babbles

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awesome way to organize your knitting!

crochet leaves, continued without cutting the yarn and made another leaf just before turning make: ch 2 sc to the second ch from hook and then continued. now u have a longleaf chain...

Nubbie Scrubbies This pattern makes a nice, thick, textured dishcloth or washcloth that is perfect for gift giving. Yarn : Bernat Cotton Solids Hook: 4.00mm or G Abbreviations: Ch-chain Sc- single crochet Tr-treble crochet (US) Chain 3o. Row 1: Tr in 2nd ch from hook. Sc in next ch.*Tr in next ch, Sc* repeat to end of row, ending with a Sc. Ch 1. turn. Row 2: Sc 28 times to the end of the row. Be sure to Sc in the top of the ch1 space.Ch 1. turn. Repeat rows 1 and 2, 12 more times. Edging: A...

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Turn regular crochet hooks into gorgeous gifts (for yourself or for others!) by adding beautiful handles, with this simple tutorial, using polymer clay.

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How to Make Polymer Clay handle covers for your crochet hook.