African American Barbie

African American Barbie dolls

Foundation President Barbie 006 - an African American doll (Mbili/Grace) on Etsy, $79.99

(DOLL) OOAK Collection by Laurie Lenz, locs hairstyle on a 'one of a kind' Doll Collection. I posted this doll, for the appeal of her diverse beauty. Dolls like will definitely teach our future generation that beauty is not defined by one standard.

Natural doll with twist out This is pretty awesome. We didn't have these when I was kid.

natural hair barbie

omg...this must be a Barbie for grown ups...she is beautiful though


Beautiful Locs

Barbie Chanel Handbag

Friends at the Shoehara Desert... by CHO:LO, via Flickr


african american barbie

African American Barbie Dolls | New Black Barbie . . . Is not even a Barbie . . . She’s Fashion ...

Natural hair doll with Ken.

african american barbie Dolls | ... to play with african american barbie dolls instead of blonde barbies

Too cute.

Northwest Coast Native American -- 1999 #Barbie #Barbie doll

The first African American Barbie Doll

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Natural Hair Barbie Afro