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Get the Salary You Want | 9 Failproof Tricks for Salary Negotiation

So by 2020 services for elderly will be one of the largest career fields, but currently the annual salary for those fields is 27-38k. Interesting : /

Tattoo idea? #psychology #mentalhealth #change #growth “Hence the development of man into a self acquires a significance whose full implications have hardly begun to be appreciated, because too much attention to externals blocks the way to immediate inner experience.” — Carl Jung, The Undiscovered Self #jungquotes #archetypalbranding

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Work Smarter: Maximize Your Efficiency In The Office [Infographic]

Want to learn how to work smarter, not harder? A new infographic shares some useful information and mental tricks that can improve both your efficiency and the quality of your work while reducing job stress. It also helps you learn ways to be more productive so you can leave the office at a reasonable time.

Important Life Hacks everyone should read | #UHDormLife

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Diy Home remedies to know

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How to Do Laundry More Efficiently

Laundry Stain Cheat Sheet!