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My Grandma means the world to me, so happy she will be at my wedding! I know my other grandparents will also be with me on my wedding day!

if someone proposed like this, I would laugh. and then cry. :')

wedding propose Boy want to hear a joke? girl sure, boy knock knock, girl who's there? boy marry, girl marry who? Boy Marry Me?

Yes!   I guess I don't care what brand it is, Neil Lane..Kay....you know, as long as I get engaged and get a beautiful ring, I'll be happy. ♥

This would be the perfect thing to scratch off my bucket list. Every girl wants to see that small Tiffany blue box that is holding their future in the palm of the man they loves hands, and all that girl has to do is say yes.

Def would love to see this.....mainly for those so close to me that fight for this and should be able to have it in their life! Love is Love!!!

before i die: see gay marriage legalized everywhere. i don't believe we have the right to tell people who they can love and marry.