Santa's footprints. Baking soda+glitter...just another way to make Christmas morning a bit more magical.

santa footprints

40 Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas

Cute for Christmas!

Christmas morning run through streamers! There needs to be an elf on the shelf swinging from a streamer!

There are so many ways to make Christmas magical for your little ones. I feel like a kid again myself when I see the sparkle in my girls eyes. Here are 20 ways to fill their hearts and lives with the magic of the season.

Looking for fun and easy Christmas morning traditions to adopt in your house? Come check out these fabulous ideas shared by Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body!

christmas girl

Santa Footprints = Baking soda and Glitter ... What a way to keep the magic alive! I hope I remember this someday

Our primitive barnboard Santa boots are adorned with red Christmas homespun, red pip berries, and a rusty star. Perfect for any primitive Christmas decor.especially for you home decor

A letter to your kids when they want to know the truth about santa

Check out this website! You take a picture of your tree, upload it, and pick a Santa to stick in your picture so you have proof that Santa was at your house! How cute. (They also have the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny!)

Grow a Candy Cane and WOW the kids with this little bit of Christmas 'magic'

Santa mask. toddler craft.

"Santa Footprints" ~ Put a shoe down and sprinkle some flour around it...

Santa key - cute idea!

Better than salt dough? 1/2 cup cornstarch, 1 cup baking soda, 3/4 cup water. Bake at 175 for about an hour. Great idea for modern, matte, textural white Christmas ornaments – via The Woodside Kitchen

A wrapped empty box (left open) for Christmas morning trash. You see the box instead of a big garbage bag in pics.

Christmas Coloring Pages