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Arie Zonneveld

lording over the farm field.a cherry tree in bloom yama-bato: Arie Zonneveld Once again… link lording over the farm field… a cherry tree in bloom Issa

Ray Morimura Cherry Blossom at Yanaka  woodblock

'Cherry Blossom at Yanaka' by Japanese artist & printmaker Ray Morimura Woodblock print. via Wild Thing

"Karikachi Pass" by Kawase Hasui, woodblock print, 1927 (published by Bijutsusha)

"Karikachi Pass" by Kawase Hasui, 1927 woodblock print, (published by Bijutsusha)

¤ Woodblock print. Katsushika Taito II, Chrysanthemum, circa 1830. Wikimedia.

Katsushika Taito II, Chrysanthemum, circa Maybe - We can make: Jeans and painted flower with bleach (potassium hydroxide).

Toshi Yoshida

Plum Tree of the Friendly Garden by Toshi Yoshida, 1980 (hanging in my living room-from the Friendly Garden Series)

The fairy tree Fairies are supposed to live amongst the roots of this tree.

The fairy tree

sweetlysurreal: The fairy tree - HDR Photo British Isles の木てこんなんですわ