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16 unlikely animal friendships

Real-life Bambi and Thumper When Svetlana Harper spotted a shivering fawn on the roadside next to a dead doe, she brought the young deer home, nursed it back to health and named it Bambi. The fawn was just a year old, and just like in the 1942 Disney classic, this little Bambi had lost her mother.


James Rhodes on

Donkey. Oh he is sooooo cute ! I think he is enjoying the nice green grass and smelling the pretty flowers.

This is excellent -- many pictures of "unlikely animal friendships," as they say, and videos, too. (For some reason, the picture shown here of the little girl and the fawn doesn't seem to be included!!)

Real life Bambi and Thumper. I don't care if this is staged two sweet little gentle animals together how can you not find this cute.

9GAGfrom 9GAG

Bambi in real life.

Bambi in real life. Oh my gosh!! Baby Flowers!!