Pez Dispensers

Doing the weekly grocery shopping mid-1950s style. #vintage #homemaker #supermarket #1950s

Pez dispensers

Isn't this like Daddy's Zippy?! 1950S Toys | Vintage Mr. Bim Stuffed Toy Monkey With by CollectibleOddities

Mickey Mouse Club first aired 1955

13.5" Molded Hair 1950s Tiny Tears Doll


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The Little Rascals (and so many other shows of the 50's & 60's)

candy | Flash Back to 1984: Old School Candy PEZ!!!!!

Father Knows Best: Shows hierarchy of family during the 1950s

Tonka released its first pickup truck in 1955, followed by a Jeep in 1962 and the Mighty Dump Truck in 1965 —

In our lobby you can see vintage commercials playing – this 1950s Koolaid ad had the Koolaid man, but he’s not crashing through walls yet!

Speak & Spell - one of my very favorite toys and the toy I credit with making me a lover of spelling!

Glo Worms - Introduced in 1982 remained very popular for years following. Glo Worms were stuffed toys (body) with plastic heads and when you would hug them they would glow (and play a lullabye) ....I honestly remember having 1or 2 of these when I was about 3 years old and I would refuse to go to sleep at night unless I had mine with me. I felt so safe with him lol

Ice cream in the 1950s and 1960s. I remember these.

"The Honeymooners" began as a recurring sketch on the now-defunct Dumont network's Cavalcade of Stars starring Jackie Gleason, and continued as such on CBS TV's Jackie Gleason Show. Spun off as a half-hour weekly series in the Fall of 1955 and lasting slightly less than a year, this classic from the Golden Age of Television costarred Audrey Meadows, Art Carney and Joyce Randolph and was filmed before a live audience. Gleason didn't like to rehearse and often ad libbed lines. #funny #classi...