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To make them, each student got an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of transparent shrink film and two clear plastic to-go-type dishes that I picked up at a local salvage store.  They cut-out shapes (and punched holes in them) and then colored them with Sharpies.  Then boy did the new heat gun get a work out!  We shot the individual pieces unevenly so that they warped into unique 3-dimensional shapes.  The students strung them onto Twisteez wire and some used sections of straws to give the plastic pieces

I just love the glasswork of Dale Chihuly and have wanted to do some kind of a lesson on him for a few years now. I ordered a heat gu.

School Projects, Winter

Fine Lines: Jean Dubuffet

This week graders started by viewing slides of some of Dubuffet's work and discussing his progress as an artist throughout his life.

Cool Dubuffet Sculptures! Gr. 5 - CCISD's Rocking Art Teachers

Objectives: · Identify the use of repeated lines(Benday patterns), shapes, and colors to create rhythm and variety in artworks · Identify positive and negative space.