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This is either a lusitano or a lippazaner. They are basically the same breed except the lusitano in South America and the lippazaner in Austria.

  • ph+

    Lusitano originated in Portugal and is Portugals version of Spain's Andalusian. They both have lippazaner in their breeding. We have four andulsian.

  • Bobbi-Michelle Wehrfritz

    Hmmm not sure you have the origins of the two breeds correct. Think Iberian Coast Spain and Portugal split their breed long ago

  • Alexandra Pimenta

    With all respect you can find some information regarding the Lusitano horse here...

  • Alexandra Pimenta

    We actually have three breeds: the Sorraia, the Garrano and the Lusitano, althought there is a fourth one in a way there´s a specific variation of the Lusitano wich was bread for the Royal family, The Alter do Chão.

Wild Horses - they need the right to the land that was given to them. They don't need to be held in feed-lot pins.

  • Celeste Sellers

    Funny thing is the "feed lots and pens" were started as a conservation method to "save the wild horses" I was alive then and I remember. AS usual when people get all in a tissy and start a movement it just made the situation worse. Before the act to save the horses in the seventies the herds were left in place, culled of weak animals for slaughter, a few were captured for use and the majority were left in place free. Now they are rounded up by the hundreds for "adoption" and since most are unusable and use for slaughter out of the question the government feeds thousands in nasty pens for life. Sad all the way around. The fact is the horses do have to be managed but no kill management does not work and so the current situation is much worse than before the Government got involved...kinda like everything the Government tries to fix.

  • jennifer reed

    It is a tough thing all the way around. Do you remember that in 1989-2001 a man rode a mustang from California to Florida? I have that horse now, have had him for close to 13 years. The truth is this. Jesse (the horse) is great, but he is still dangerous to other horses under some circumstances. God and nature made him to fight to the death any horse who will not submit to him (or run away). I am his forever home, but I have to provide space, three acres, and a friend with his own two acres, and a strong fence between them. Not all wild horses are like this, but many are really difficult to have and keep well. I wish I had some magic answer!

Sonora and Her Diving Horse

  • christy friday

    This is one of my favorite movies!!!

  • Victorized

    see you at the glue factory

  • Gert

    I'm sorry I'm not trying to pick a fight @Victorized but that is one of the most heartbreaking things you can ever say about a horse these animals are beautiful and should be respected

  • Victorized

    @Gert -- its a joke, breathe. plus im not the one jumping it off a plank. i respect animals enough not to do things like this with em.

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"Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses." Elizabeth Taylor