mayocoba beans

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These beans go by many names. An oval-shaped dried bean common in Latin American cooking. Medium in size and ivory-yellow in color, the Mayocoba Bean is similar to a pinto bean in appearance and flavor. Mild flavored with a buttery taste and texture, this bean is used as an ingredient in soups, salads and refried bean dishes. The Mayocoba Bean may also be referred to as mayo coba bean, maicoba bean, azufrado bean, canaria bean, canario bean, Mexican yellow bean, Peruvian bean, or a Peruano ...

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Pebre, a ubiquitous Chilean condiment that can be found accompanying a wide variety of meals throughout the country, in restaurants and homes alike, was a revelation to me. It was love at first bi…

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Rick Bayless (the God of good Mexican Food) recipe for genuine old-fashioned refried beans or FRITOS REFRITOS! Made even better with bacon or chorizo drippings! Yeah!!

Arroz Blanco (Mexican White Rice) from When most people think of Mexican rice, they think of the typical tomato-flavored rice. When I've been in Mexico, however, I've been served this type of white rice often. This recipe is authentic Mexican and comes from Rick Bayless.

Tuscan Bean Soup(don't use low sodium chicken broth) maybe a little less beans and pasta, they really do soak up a lot of the liquid. huge hit!

Puerto Rican Red Beans and Rice from When we lived in Puerto Rico, this was a favorite meal. We're back in the States now, but when I make Red Beans and Rice it transports me back to La Isla Del Encanto! It can be eaten as a meal itself or with a simple salad.

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Peruvian Green Sauce - jalapeno, cilantro, garlic, and lime - maybe my new ketchup!

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Peruvian Arroz con Pollo This dish is one of the favorite staples of Peruvian cuisine, whether it’s prepared with duck - which is traditional in northern Peru – or with chicken. It’s delicious and has many variations. It can be made with grainy rice or similar to a risotto and, even though it’s green and has a lot of cilantro, it has a subtle taste. If you wish, you may add other vegetables.

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