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In March, due to a natural phenomenon Siberias Lake Baikal is particularly amazing to photograph. The temperature, wind and sun cause the ice crust to crack and form beautiful turquoise blocks or ice hummocks on the lakes surface. Photograph by Alex El Barto | #nature #photography

Sunrise by Galia Veleva

"There are lots of beautiful places in this world but my heart will always be in Tennessee." I'm a woman from the South who lives up North part-time. TN is HOME, in my heart, in my soul. This blog is obviously all about TN and quite simply ALL THINGS...

Bookmarking this for a future roadtrip! Blood Lake, TX....there's bound to be awesome stuff around this place too, like little shops and fun roadside cafes. Loving planning it out!!

LOOK: These Rainbow Mountains Actually Exist!

Danxia Landform Geological Park in Gansu, China. The rainbow mountains became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010. The colors are the result of mineral deposits and red sandstone.