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    :)This is so true. Make sure he's your best friend:) 20 year on March 23rd!!! My best friend is amazing!!!


    love this saying

    Pablo Neruda, Sonnet XVII.

    Pooh wisdoms


    james ♥

    p.s. i love you quote.

    "Let it Be" The Beatles


    "If He..." sign quote art // If he... makes you laugh, kisses your forehead, says he's sorry, makes an effort, holds your hand, works hard, attempts to understand you ...then believe it or not, he's quite perfect. #lovequotes #love #quotes

    This is so true. I miss the days when I could look out into the crowd at a concert and find him. That moment when our eyes met and he mouthed the words "I love you." I miss moments such as this.

    So true!

    all we need is us

    Where is this man?! Lol

    On days when I am crabby and the whole world seems to bug me, it puts my soul at ease knowing that he is ALWAYS there for me at the end of the day.

    my favorite place to be is in his arms

    Be bold