Beautiful giraffe #wild animals|

Amazing shot. It's really hard to shoot an animal. You just never know when they are going to move

I want to redefine the way people think about what they see. It's a picture of a giraffe, but by photographing just part of it, we get new ideas about even though we already know what it is.

stunning photograph.

What a visual angle seeing this beautiful giraffe like this.



Black and White My favorite photo

Black and White Photography - Elephants

Look what I found on #zulily! 'I Love You' Giraffe Print by trafalgar's square #zulilyfinds

blue eye

I'm sorry, but this is probably the cutest thing I've seen all day!!!! <3


'It must be love' Giraffes at sunset by Jenny Woodward

Never forget how truly blessed we are to share this world with so many amazing creatures. They belong here as much as we do and gosh the treat this world with so much more respect then we do..


Hippo confrontation

Giraffe watercolor tattoo

this creature looks like she's straight out of fairyland - african dik-dik