Shape roads

Treballant la força dels dits, mà i canell. Direccionalitat?

learning the shapes-via a race car-printables

Highway Numbers! CUTE printables for little guys to drive their matchbox cars on. Letters and shapes too.

LOTS preschool ideas

Shape making

portable mini sensory bins for fine motor skills activities

Preschool Printables: Transportation

Toddler Time: Busy Bag Series Part 2

Shape Puzzles

Shape Poems (song)

Teaching shapes using popsicle sticks.....number represent the number of each shape's sides (ie: square has 4 sides)

Shapes, Counting and Colors Busy Bag (with Printable) from

Toddler Time: Busy Bag Exchange Part 3 (

Busy Bag Exchange: Preschool Bags from Second Story Window

Toddler Time: Busy Bag Series Part 2 - Second Story Window

toddler “busy bag”

Mini ocupado intercambio bolsa

Button shape matching game.

Learn with your kids - Give them Cutting Practice & help them learn shapes

Geometric shapes with velcro popsicle sticks.