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all the paint on mine has mostly chipped of and cracked. better seal them if you are going to make them. PAINTED STONE GARDEN MARKERS

Plant markers ... another great idea for keeping plants organized in the garden.

Use inexpensive wooden spoons as garden markers - leave natural or paint with pretty colors

Victoria Secret Original Gift Card - Labels. Garden rocks. becclynn

Twig Plant Marker How-To 1. Gather small branches, about 1/4 to 1/2 inch around, in an easily worked but sturdy wood, such as maple. 2. With a vegetable peeler, strip a couple of inches of bark at one end, making a flat surface, and use permanent marker [or stamps + ink] to record the name. Note: If the wood is green and oozing sap, let it dry overnight before writing.

Maybe we won't burn as much of the scrub oak we're clearing as expected...

painted rocks for garden markers, Mom you should make these! They will sell great in the spring . ...

I plan to increase the # of raised garden beds in my's all about decreasing lawn space & building it into something fruitful.

There was an Old woman who lived in her shed. Twas no room for a bed so she slept in a flower box fiilled with Moss to rest her head.