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inspirational daughter quotes | life inspiration quotes: My wish for my daughter inspirational quote

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I adore her smile, I cherish her hugs, I admire her heart, but most of all...I love that she is My Daughter! Love you Tiffany!

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Inspiration From Mother to Daughter | My Daughter, In you I saw all my hopes and dreams in my daughter

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My all time favorite children's book! Used to read it to Ben when he was 2 yrs old! Man, I miss him! Must get this book for Pateynn:)

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Love my daughter

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I wish I could squeeze you so tight but not hurt you and just cuddle you forever and never let go! Ever!<3 iloveyou nathan!<3




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❥ I love my daughter

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The Funny Moms and Kids Blog: Mother and Daughter Quotes that makes you go awww..

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Love! ❤❤ my daughter and husband takes up the most space in my heart .

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