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Hatfield House, Hertfordshire, UK, was the childhood home of Elizabeth I. Hatfield was built by The Bishop of Ely in 1497.

The Beaufort Portcullis was a very important part of the representation of Henry VII and that of his descendants. Margaret Beaufort, his mother, is a descendant of the first duke of Lancester, John of Gaunt. He was the son of king Edward III which means that Henry Tudor had Royal blood which strengthens his claim on the throne

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Hatfield, The Old Palace, The Great Hall - the only as-original Tudor edifice. Home of Elizabeth I

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Hatfield House

Hatfield House, Old Palace. Henry VIII's children Edward and Elizabeth spent their youth at Hatfield Palace. The Queen Elizabeth Oak on the grounds of the estate is said to be the location where Elizabeth was told she was Queen following Mary's death. In November 1558, Elizabeth held her first Council of State in the Great Hall.

The ancient & historic Hatfield House was home to the young Queen Elizabeth I during many of her darkest hours as a thorn in the side of her older half sister,Catholic Queen Mary. It was at Hatfield House that Elizabeth recieved news of her proclamation as Queen & first recieved her newly appointed council. Much of the old house is gone, and the newer parts have long been the home to the Earls of Salisbury since the begining of the 17th century.

Henry VIII's palaces

Stair case in Knole House, Kent, England.Tudor Palace.

Cheapside Hoard, in 1912 a woman living in a house in Cheapside, London found beneath the floorboards the largest collection of Tudor jewels ever found

All royals family tree - family tree showing everybody on the throne of England from William the Conqueror to our present Queen Elizabeth II