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    kiss your cat at least once every day for optimal mental health

    Louis Wain - developed schizophrenia, his images of the cats changed as his mental health became worse. This painting was created in the early stages of his schizophrenia.. notice the cautious eyes. They're different from the joyful paintings he painted of cats previously. Eventually the images became psychedelic of the cats when his mental health became worse.

    PT1: Louis Wain (5 August 1860 – 4 July 1939) was a schizophrenic artist whose images of cats changed as his mental health deteriorated

    Rules of Litter Box Etiquette For Humans #cats #cat health

    State of cat health

    Should your cat drink milk? Learn about whether milk is good or bad for your cat's health.

    Feeding Your Cat: Know the Basics of Feline Nutrition :: healthy cat diet, making cat food, litter box, cat food, cat nutrition, cat urinary tract health

    Why yes, I have been known to do this from time-to-time :D #cat #chronic #illness #health #pain

    Cats have been around for thousands of years, Cleopatra had one, and many of history’s great artists and thinkers did too. If you are a cat owner, count yourself lucky. Apparently cat owners have lower blood pressure, recover quicker from diseases, and enjoy better health in general.



    Integrity: a quintessential part of being a strong, fearless being! #CSLewis #integrity #inspirational #quotes

    This is one I'm happy to pass on to my kids. It's about being happy with who you are and not who anyone else thinks you should be.

    Zoe by Bill Adams, how pretty is this animal. Love the coloration.

    starting is the hard part.

    Sad but true