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An awesome object lesson (make your own variations) on how much we need the Savior and the enabling power of his grace. Casey used this object lesson in her RS lesson. On the paper balls she had labeled commandments. I love the visual of person catching the balls behind the child. How many times does the Savior help us do what we could not do on our own....

Help kids, youth and adults see God through the Christian object lessons that are all around us in every season and holiday - even the "everday" object lesson can teach powerful truths!

The Chocolate Sauce Lesson

I encourage you to do this. Trust me. It’ll be fun…and educational. Go to your pantry and find your stash of chocolate sauce. {You know you have some!} Pull it out and pour about a quarter size drop into your hand. Now leave it there. Let’s think about the chocolate sauce for one minute. What … … Continue reading →

Amazing Object Lessons here, along with Bible lessons, games, devotions, crafts and service projects along with and hundreds of inspiring articles to help you teach your kids about the Bible. Love this site.