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Stephani VanLonkhuyzen
Stephani VanLonkhuyzen • 3 years ago

Another pinner says: Hot Vinegar and Dawn Soap! Seriously, I saw this on Pinterest and decided to try it on my white shower tile...WOW! 1 cup of HOT Vinegar (microwave 1-2 min) and 1 cup of blue DAWN liquid soap. Shake into bottle and creates a gel that is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

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Fill your sink with hot, hot, hot water. Then fill each wine bottle with hot water and drop it into the sink. Next, add this secret potion: 1/2 cup baking powder 1 Tbsp dish soap 2 cups white vinegar Once you add the vinegar to the sink, it will get all fizzy for a second.AND THE LABELS COME OFF:-)

Shower cleaner: microwave 1 c. vinegar 2 mins, pour into spray bottle w/ 1 c. blue Dawn, and shake

Homemade Foaming Soap- have been doing this just using Dawn liquid for a couple years. Saves $$

How to clean a microwave in 5 minutes:Put 1 to 2 cups hot water & 1 to 2 Tablespoons vinegar in bowl. Microwave 5 min., leave door shut 2 min. Wipe w/sponge. Steam works wonders, vinegar eliminates odors.

Clean soap scum - Dawn, hot vinegar

Homemade 409 Recipe DIY (Frugal Girls) 2 tbsp distilled white vinegar 1 tsp borax 1/8 cup Dawn dish soap 1 C hot water 16 oz spray bottle essential oil (optional - for scent) Pour vinegar, borax & hot water in spray bottle to mix. continue filling with cool water. Add Dawn last (no need to shake). Add oil as desired.

How to keep a toilet clean -1/4 Cup of Baking Soda, 1/2 Cup of Vinegar, 2 Cups of Hot Water

Homemade 409 Recipe: ■2 Tbsp. Distilled White Vinegar ■1 Tsp. Borax ■1/8 cup Dawn Dishsoap ■1 cup Hot Water ■Triggered Spray Bottle {16 oz.} ■Optional: Your Favorite Scent of Essential Oil ■Pour vinegar, borax and hot water into spray bottle. ■Then continue filling spray bottle with cool water. ■Add Dawn Dishsoap last. {no need to shake} ■Optional: Add in a few drops of your favorite scent of essential oil.

Magic Laundry Cleaner Hydrogen Peroxide/Dawn Dish soap/Baking Soda. 2 parts peroxide and 1 part Dawn & baking soda. I mixed up a lot so I did 1 cup of peroxide and 1/2 cup of the Dawn and soda.

Bathtub Cleaner - can use 1-1/2 cups vinegar & 1/2 cup Dawn instead.

I should try this. "I actually like cleaning.....exception being the tub! this works!! i soaked my tub & tile with this mix and let it sit for about 2 hours...worked great!!" ~~~Homemade Bathroom Cleaner. Equal parts blue Dawn and white vinegar. Heat vinegar in microwave till hot. Add Dawn. Mix and pour into spray bottle.