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    Ken Bevel is Vulkan Primarch

    3y Saved to Characters


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    Fireproof (One of Best Christian/Spiritual Movies Ever) In an attempt to save his marriage, A firefighter uses a 40-day experiment known as "The Love Dare". Stars: Kirk Cameron, Erin Bethea and Ken Bevel Courageous: Alex Kendrick, Ken Bevel, Kevin Downes, Ben Davies, Robert Amaya, T.C. Stallings, Rusty Martin, Rusty Martin Sr., Lauren Etchells, Eleanor Brown, Renee Jewell, Joy-Anna Duggar, Dennis Wiemer, Jim McBride, Justin Tolley, Larry Frenzel, Michael Catt, Stephen Kendrick: Movies & TV

    James D'Arcy as Felix Callahan in "The Actor and the Housewife". The book had a lot of potential, but ended up being a bit disapointing. However, "Austenland" (by the same author) was an infinitely better as a movie than as a there's hope they could make something meaningful out of it. This is my vision for the male lead for that (non existent) film.


    Warcraft - The Movie (Thrall needs to be younger!)

    Yul Brynner *could be* Jaghatai Khan Primarch

    Vin Diesel is Horus Luprical Primarch

    Jason Isaacs is Fulgrim Primarch

    Charlton Heston is Angron Primarch...need a better pic

    Bruce Willis is Ferrus Manus Primarch.

    Kieth Harkin is Sanguinius Primarch (On a side note, my first introduction to celtic thunder was an artist in LA who was drawing a picture of the most beautiful male angel with wings. I asked her who it was and she blushed, "Kieth from Celtic Thunder" I thought he was an approprate casting choice for Sanguinius as the "angel primarch" Squeee!)

    Jim Caviezel

    Colin Firth as Reginald Clarke in "The House of the Vampire"

    Aaliyah such a beautiful little girl

    Jim Caviezel . . . great actor . . . gorgeous, too . . . Count of Monte Cristo . . . Passion of the Christ . . . Frequency . . . Angel Eyes . . . Bobby Jones, Stroke if Genius . . . among others . . . now on "Person of Interest" on CBS . . . love him . . . :-)

    Christina Milian & daughter Violet

    Paul Newman is Alejandro's "Dad"

    Jim Caviezel-- I don't even care that he's twice my age. He's hot and Catholic!

    Sparkly cowboy boots? Yes, please!

    Christina Milian