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    Eat more plants, live longer, maintain healthy weight, reduce risk for chronic disease. We help get you started replacing meat meals w/non meat meals, learn how, learn from celebs if you choose. Eating more veggies to meat satisfying w/o higher risk. Choose quality protein sources. NEVER BUY FARMED SALMON. Wild salmon & grassfed beef are brain booster so 100% of $$ spent helps brain. Other source doesn't even compare. W/O key Omega 3s your brain suffers big time. Takes effort so need to want.

    I'm definitely the "girl-on-a-budget diet" but this is a good way to stay focused. maybe printing it out and putting it on the fridge or something

    What you should eat...more / less...

    ♥ what people THINK vegans eat vs. what vegans REALLY eat ♥

    The clear skin diet: so true! when i drink more water, eat more foods with protein/fats and less sugars to fill me up -my skin gets better.

    Healthy Eating Guide : What to eat & how often to eat it

    Did you know that the average American eats his own weight in flour and cereal every year? Or that he consumes more than 2.7 pounds of sodium--nearly twice the recommended amount?

    for-me-for-life: For all my newbie/beginning followers - here’s how to start eating clean and healthy!!

    Great advice. It is pretty easy to see where this makes sense. I know a lot of people who snack out of boredom, not even aware of how many calories they ingest simply because they haven't assigned a better activity for little pockets of time.

    'Eat Your Heart Out' Diet... aka Satan Diet - Sounds great until day 4, what if you can't stand bananas??

    Bruschetta is an appetizer or antipasto from Italy. There are many variations, but this is our favourite recipe. We've used vegan pesto.