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    Ceropegia haygarthii

    3y Saved to Flower Power
    • Claudia

      Top 10 Rare & Unusual Flowers | Ceropegia haygarthii Beautiful....but some of them don't even look like a flower!

    • Teri McMinn

      Ceropegia haygarthii Top 10 Rare & Unusual Flowers | See More Pictures | #SeeMorePictures

    • Anna Martin

      Ceropegia haygarthii. An orchid complete with its own periscope. I love unusual plants!

    • Andrea LaFayette

      Amazing flora. Top 10 Rare & Unusual Flowers | Ceropegia haygarthii #flowers

    • Peggy Martin

      Ceropegia haygarthii What insect would want to land on this strange flower?

    • Graeme Brattle

      Rare & Unusual Flower, the Ceropegia haygarthii

    • Ginger Rush

      Top 10 Rare Flowers | Ceropegia haygarthii

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    Nepenthes, known as tropical pitcher plants or monkey cups, is a genus of carnivorous plants.The genus comprises roughly 140 species, and numerous and many cultivated hybrids. They are mostly liana-forming plants of the Old World tropics, ranging from South China, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines; westward to Madagascar and the Seychelles; southward to Australia and New Caledonia; and northward to India and Sri Lanka.

    The largest flower in the world, this parasitic plant can bloom over three feet tall. Despite its alluring appearance, the plant exudes a pungent smell and has no leaves, stems or roots. The large center can hold six to seven quarts of water.

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