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  • Kristy Pitchford

    An orphaned baby deer was taken in by a family, after his mom died. The family dog never leaves his side. Awww <3

  • Camden Garecht

    Fawn and Irish Wolfhound puppy. How Cute!!!

  • Savannah Rieke

    "Mother deer killed, family brings home baby deer, dog never leaves deer's side!" So stinkin' cute... Dogs are not only man's best friend :)

  • Wanda Rahe

    So cute! animals know how to get along humans need to learn, from them

  • Neha McGlynn

    love this #Baby Animals #cute baby Animals|

  • Katelyn Grace

    unlikely animal friends!

  • Gray Miller

    .Odd couple

  • Janis Hanna

    Irish Wolfhound & fawn -I had a Giant Schnauzer who did this with a baby bunny.

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