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Well isn't this the truth!

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true happiness

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5 Pinnable Quotes About Mom For Mother's Day: Forget flowers

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Jewelry for Mom Gold God Gave Me You Bracelet by georgiedesigns

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I have to be successful because I like expensive things.

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A girl and a glue gunfrom A girl and a glue gun

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happy mother’s day!

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Murphy's Law for Moms....and the truth is....THANK HEAVENS for stain removers!!! Worth every dirty print, spill and stain I know my kids are close enough to hug me!!!

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You can be a good mother and still follow your dreams!--great article! - mother quotes - motherhood - single mother

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Do unto mothers....

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that's what we do!

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As a Taurus you don't like to be rushed, and will take even more time just to piss the person off for rushing you.

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so true...

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Lmfao Seriously


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Bwahah, I couldn't help but laugh