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Newfoundland dog with parrot. Such great dogs. My next newfie will be brown.

Awww my dog scared the shit out of my parents when they found him in my cradle with me

Sweetness • by Jay Stotts (Walk in the Woods Photography) via Flickr

Precious! Cows are actually affectionate, after I had a calf suck on my hand at a farm once I have a whole new appreciation for them

a dog will love you unconditionally if you treat them right. LOVE.

So sweet. Pit bulls are just big babies with a bad stigma. They love playing children and their toys.

beautiful parrot in peachy roses by dec2057

"Thank you..." This is the sweetest thing. Our rescued fur angels do this, such a blessing.

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This picture reminded of one of my pets while growing up. I loved showering under the faucet.

So sweet! ALL puppies and children should have this experience....Love and safety!