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This article discusses the importance of recess from an academic standpoint. One of the points that this article makes is about the social skills that students will develop through recess. Another point is the emotional benefits students will gain from recess and exercise.

Yay for Recess: Pediatricians Say It’s as Important as Math or Reading

This article talks about recess and states that recess is just as important as math and reading is for young students minds. It discusses that some schools have considered taking recess out of the schedule. They give reasons as to why this would be hurtful and not helpful.

Remind your friends and family this holiday season about the importance of reducing food waste, and composting or saving leftovers where you can! Pass it on. :)

This information from the nc public schools site provides facts about the national nutritional requirements for school breakfast and lunches. It also provides the documents for policies and the regulations and guidelines. This is a good resource to refer to when looking into school lunch policy

A Tufts study published Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics showed lunches brought from home had lots of packaged food and sugary drinks. School Meals that Rock

NC schools have certain nutritional guidelines that they have to follow for every meal. This website talks about each meal program and the requirements for each. It provides the answers to any odds and end questions that people might have about the programs, including the costs.

K-12 schools have a special role in not only reducing, recovering, and recycling food waste on their premises, but also in educating the next generation about recovering wholesome excess food for donation and about reducing food waste to conserve natural resources. is a great resource in educating people on hunger, poverty, and food waste. The website is linked to many other websites and articles. I liked how there are quizzes about hunger and food waste. The thing that I found most helpful thing on this website are the solutions that are offered.