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This book has so many layers that the space available on Pinterest could not possibly do it justice. Despite its epic length, it's highly readable, combining elements of Orwellian dystopia and magical realism with a labyrinthine but gripping storyline.

10 Books That Have Influenced Me & Impacted How I Do Life

I've been convicted - going back and reevaluating my reading. 10 Books that have influenced me and impacted how I do life now.

Another strange read...3 books in one...each with attention to detail...and intertwined unraveling the mystery of the little people and seemingly Asian Jonestown...

White’s Books is a small, London-based publishing house of clothbound books, featuring wrap-around cover designs with evocative patterns.

21 Creepy Books for your Fall Reading List

Magazine - Haruki Murakami Book Covers by Noma Bar

Book publisher Vintage has teamed up illustrator Noma Bar with the now classic novels of Japan's most famed writer, Haruki Murakami, to create a brill...