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  • Jessica Knox

    Have your kids ever tried knitting? Some really great suggestions and resources in this post from Melissa Taylor @imaginationsoup

  • Lori Eekhoff

    The Benefits, Basics, & Service Projects of Knitting for Kids « Imagination Soup Fun Learning and Play Activities for Kids

  • April Hawkins

    Teaching kids to knit isn’t just a fun activity (which is is) but it’s also calming, most likely benefits children in school with math and literacy, and can lead into wonderful service projects. Also, because you’re using the right and the left hand, knitting engages both sides of the brain from Imagination Soup

  • Lara Koon

    Hmmm! Not a bad idea!

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Teach your kids to knit takes two things, fine motor skills and attention span. Add in colorful yarn, bamboo needles, time, and patience and you're ready to learn!

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