There is something WRONG with this ... if I'm dancing in the dark with someone, CALM is the LAST thing I'm wanting to be ... #justsayin

Keep calm

Keep Calm And Google It

Keep calm and Have Another

Never stop learning



'Cause here we are We are shining stars We are invincible We are who we are On our darkest day When we’re miles away Sun will come We will find our way home If you're lost and alone Or you're sinking like a stone. Carry on. May your past be the sound Of your feet upon the ground. Carry on.



Thought of Megan when I saw this! :)


when it rains, look for rainbows, when it's dark, look for stars

₍˴◅ˋ) βlαςк Ꮥωαɲ (ˋ▻˴₎

Be a fruit loop in a world full of cheerios :)

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Keep Calm :)

Keep Calm Quotes Keep Calm and Hug A Teddy Bear

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