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It doesn't look like it on the outside, I realize, but I try so dern hard I wear myself out. Then I get "she's so spoiled and lazy". They don't see me working as hard as I do, and that includes relationships, believe it or not. But whatev.

Very true. I always take pride in this. I try my best not to be judgmental towards others since I know what it feels to be on the receiving end of ignorance. Always make an effort to be open-minded.

OMG....Music is my medicine for sadness....for everything. It brings me into focus with myself, my feelings, gives directions and so much more. All I need to be is there- surrounded by the sounds, wrapped in the words- MUSIC- my other husband!

In a non judgemental My husband and i used to always sit high on the balconies of the French quater and watch the silent storytelling of people.... our favorite kind of date night! Peoples silent stories have always facinated me.

So true this is me. If I mistrust someone I keep my distance from them. Guess its intuition. Once Someone gives me reason to not like them or I mistrust them, they'll never, ever in a million years here from me again<~this is a true libra

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Irtitated is an understatement.. fuckin rage.. my time will not be waisted.. my efforts will not be unnoticed.. my emotions I don't just give.. so tread carefully.. words are words.. actions I see.. actions tell me everything.. bet!