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design-is-fine: “ L.J.J. Dubois, The Hawk, living emblem of Ra – The Sun, 2 Sun disk 3 Nil. From Pantheon egyptien : collection des personnages mythologiques de l’ancienne Egypte. France. NYPL ”

"Why have we gone from set-apart women healers in our temples, prophets encouraging mothers’ blessings and an autonomous RS with power to determine its own officers to a world where the CHI states that only men should be giving healing blessings etc?"

Nun, god of the waters of chaos, lifts the barque of the sun god Ra (represented by both the scarab and the sun disk) into the sky at the time of creation. From the Book of the Dead of Anhai, papyrus created c. 1050 BC

How much does it REALLY cost to live on a boat and sail the Caribbean? You'll be surprised!! SV Wanderlust Sailing Blog

The Aten, the sun-disk, is first referred to as a deity in The Story of Sinuhe from the dynasty in which the deceased king is described as rising as god to the heavens and uniting with the...

The sun god emerging in the burial chamber of surrounded by protective fire spewed from the uraei:-detail-Egypt

Ra is perpetually resurrected in the mornings in the form of a scarab beetle - the carapace divisions roughly approximate the shape of eyes and nose