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    Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen - Guide to buying organic.

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    Cook Smarts' cooking formula guide to enjoying vegetables. #infographic

    Cleanse your ARTERIES with these 15 FOODS. Click for the article.

    25 foods to always purchase organic infographic. Health, diet, and #better health solutions #healthy eating #better health naturally|

    Healthy 16!

    What 100 calories of vegetables looks like | via SparkPeople #food #diet #nutrition #portion

    Yes please! This is both visually appealing and informative. I, personally, would keep it in the kitchen, as opposed to over the bar, since it would be good for deciding on recipes.

    This table provides an outline of foods that are low versus high glycemic.  Notice the amount of fruits and vegetables that are listed as “High Glycemic” Foods.  Are these foods bad for you? No, food is your pharmacy.

    Ten Tips For Saving Money On Groceries & Eating Healthier (Part Two) #dirtydozen #cleanfifteen

    buying organic vs. non organic

    organic guide - I want a print of this in my kitchen

    Local, seasonal produce is often more flavorful and more affordable than out-of-season. Keep this simple chart on hand for planning healthy, delicious and budget-friendly meals year-round


    When to buy Organic and when it's okay not to...

    Dirty dozen: the 12 fruits you should absolutely buy organic

    Image of 17 vegetables with respective cooking times for boiling, steaming, and microwaving

    Extraction Prep Chart - #NutriBullet #Blendtec #Vitamix

    Produce shopping guide - what to buy organic #eatclean