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DIY warping trapeze I need this, my tension is continually screwed up during the warping process, some weights to put the strings under tension and voila! i believe it's done. Also the trapeze could double as a display rack at craft shows

Little Fool Textiles. Painting warps

Warping Valet in use in my studio

ww loom, Aśka Kucharz...lovely patterns in the weaving

Spinning Yarn. No. not spinning. winding a warp onto huge warp beam from LOTS of small spools. threads fed through tall frame to keep them sorted and tension even. Smaller tension box on sliding bar smooths the threads to perfect width.

direct warping a RH loom with a warping board - great technique and interesting warping board that is perfect for this....

Warp in progress-sectional back beam- mine look nothing so neat.

Weaving a Life: Warping Valet. I'll need to hold down the front beam on my loom. This could keep the pets from helping.

puffy paint on warp and weave around it!!!!!!!!