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Household Management Forms

Keep track of the usual prices for a number of pantry items. Included in this pack is my own Stock-up List, with the prices found in my area. The second form includes the item names, but you can fill in your own prices as you find them. The third form is completely blank, so you can fill in both the items and the prices.

The Five-Dollar Savings Plan

The Five-Dollar Savings Plan! Basically, every time you have a $5 bill, you save it, and then you buy yourself something at the end of the year! I'm going to try this for my trip saving fund

Some locations allow nonmembers to buy alcohol.

Pink and Gold Bridal Shower Brunch

#savings plan and set up accounts for your kids that you add money to each month until they are 18

Costco Products Price List with 1000 Costco Prices and Costco Products

Find over 1000 Costco items listed with their prices to compare prices with, so you will know if you are getting the best deal or not!

The Best (and Worst) Deals at Costco

The Best and Worst Deals at Costco- your quick reference guide on what to look for and what to avoid.

Costco Price List Did you know we have a Costco Coupon Price list here at Queen Bee Coupons? Basically we scoured the store and calculated the per unit price on more than 600 items. The goal of the list is to make it easy for you to compare per unit prices with grocery store deals. I often …

List of Ways to Earn Money from Home (List of Legit Survey Companies) + Proof You Earn Money

New List of Ways to Earn Money from Home (List of Legit Survey Companies) + Proof You Earn Money!