The Pampered Chef NEW!  #1099 Simple Slicer  Easily slices fruit and veggies for various thicknesses!

Simple Slicer

Pampered chef - simple slicer awesome tool to use to slice potatoes to make your own chips with the microwave potato chip maker

Adjustable Measuring Spoons - Cook's Tools | Love these and the way they re-designed them a few years back makes them better than the ones I have now.

Adjustable Measuring Spoon Set

Shop The Pampered Chef Adjustable Measuring Spoon Set and other top kitchen products. Explore new recipes, get cooking ideas, and discover the chef in you today!

Pampered Chef slicer!

The new Pampered Chef Simple Slicer - Awesome mandoline like tool with 3 thickness options. It's great for making chips with our microwave chip maker!

Medium Round Stone with Handles : Stoneware : for a delicious 13" home-made pizza.#1341.  $30.00

Perfect pizzas, oven fries, roasted vegetables, warmed pitta, and on and on. from Pampered Chef

Color Coated Tomato Knife | Buy Quality Kitchenware at

Pampered Chef Coated Tomato Knife — and it is truly amazing cuts a tomato so easily

*Kernel Cutter (from The Pampered Chef)

Pampered Chef kernal cutter ~ deffinate must for anyone who cans or freezes sweet corn

Garlic Smash & Paste - The Pampered Chef™  Make perfect garlic paste for delicious garlic bread, dressings, dips, sauces and sandwich spreads. The stainless steel rocker makes paste of single or multiple cloves, raw or roasted. If raw cloves are unpeeled, use the rocker to press down and crack the peel for easy removal. The attached cleaning tool removes garlic from the rocker. 4½" x 2". Dishwasher-safe.  Visit:

Make perfect garlic paste for delicious garlic bread, dressings, dips, sauces and sandwich spreads.

Love this Cool n' Serve Square Tray.  I use it all summer for veggies, fruits, and dips.  :)

This tray can be used as a 2 dozen deviled egg carrier, 16 cupcake carrier, fruit and/or veggie tray with the option for 2 same or different dips, also for sandwich options tray.

Pampered Chef Large Scoop

Medium Scoop - The Pampered Chef™ Get the scoop! This heavy-duty stainless steel scoop is great for evenly portioning batters, doughs, fillings and salads. Squeeze-action handles allow for convenient one-handed use. Approximately 2 tbsp.

Not just for cakes and cookies, but also make the perfect deviled eggs!   Easy Accent® Decorator     Decorate like a pro! Quickly create dramatic desserts or fill deviled eggs and twice-baked potatoes. Includes six decorating tips and  a cap to store leftover icing or filling right in the decorator.  1 2/3 cups. Dishwasher-safe.

Easy Accent® Decorator by PamperedChef. I used one of these this weekend to fill my deviled eggs.

#1656 Mini Mix ‘N Scraper®

pampered chef mix n scraper - my fave kitchen utensil . it doesn't crack, burn, melt, or stain!