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Foods to Avoid With Polymyalgia Rheumatica

Source: | Original Post Date: October 26, 2015 - Bad news for bacon lovers: Eating processed meats — including bacon, sausages, and hot dogs — can increase your risk of colon cancer, according to a report issued today by the World Health Organization (WHO). A team of

Just 1 cup of peas contain 44% of your Vitamin K which helps to anchor calcium inside the bones. It’s B vitamins help to prevent osteoporosis. Peas have such high quality protein that commercial protein powders are starting to use it. This avoids the possible side effects of soy, or dairy. Coumestrol, a phytonutrient has been shown to reduce the risk of stomach cancers. Peas support the energy producing cells in the body while playing an important roll in adrenal function. #dherbs