How to make a GIANT picture that costs $13.

This is the coolest thing I have EVER seen!!!! I am making a million of these right now! Amazing Christmas present idea!!! this is freaking BRILLIANTTTT

Need to remember this: Staples does oversized prints called engineer prints. The largest size is 3 x 4 and they cost only $4.99!

How to have a 24x36 for cheap

For all the pictures you have and no frames to put them in. So neat!

Huge pictures printed for cheap

dyi canvas pics


I am SO making these! Rugs in any shape, size, fabric you want! Very clever.

Sugar Bee Crafts: Giant Picture - tutorial!

Sew together a giant pillow quilt for picnics, sleepovers, or outdoor movie viewing. | 41 Cheap And Easy Backyard DIYs You Must Do This Summer

i think doing this in other peoples bathrooms would be hilarious. this going to be my new hidden talent.

Huge print for four dollars

How to transfer any photograph or picture onto wood using only a printer and wax paper!

I just made this! saw it on pinterest, all you need is a square glass vase (got mine at michael's for $3!) old negatives, & modge podge! (stick a votice inside) LOOOVE THIS!

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