Capillary action your kids can see. A little science experiment fun with daisies and food colouring. #science #experiments #kids #nature

Make A Jellyfish In A Bottle | Science Experiments | Kids Activities

Toddler Science: The Celery Experiment and How Plants Absorb Water from their Roots

Science Experiments

: Science Experiment: Bend Your Candy cane. Fun! We did states of matter just a few weeks ago with Reagan, may have to dig up some candy canes to try this with!

Cool science experiment for kids! Dissolve egg shell off with vinegar and it will become a "naked egg" that can bounce... how fun!

Tornado in a jar... Did this in class with the preschoolers ! They loved it

Solar system projects for kids Things to help you find neat idea on how to build and what your project should look like!

Density science experiment

Top 15 At-Home Science Experiments for Kids (i think i have already pinned this, but in case i didn't...)

Science for Kids- Whit flower in colored water science experiment. Kids will love this one!

6 candy themed science experiments kids will love

The Pencil Through Bag Science Experiment is so incredibly awesome!!! Kids will absolutely love this learning craft.

You could try this with various sized containers, too. Glass jars would work, and you could try it with lids on, as well as off.... Also good for elementary ages....

Fun science experiment

Growing salt crystals is a simple, fun, and highly visual science experiment for kids. Have you tried it yet?

Absorbing Science

A mesmerizing science experiment - basically, you take a dish of milk, add food dye, dish soap and sit back! The colors swirl - there is a video on here of the experiment in action.

Detective Science Experiments for Kids - good ideas

Science Experiments for Kids