my parents totally did this when I was younger!! except they didn't leave me a nice note lol...

thanks mom...grandma lol

First day of college. This is hilarious.

Best parents ever

Momma apologizes in advanced, children who are doomed LOL

That is so stinking funny!!!


Lol...that's way better than the temp ones you put on with water!

weed weed

Parenting win! I love the daughter's face. I feel like my dad would try to do this, but of course you could easily just change at school.

Everyone has age appropriate chores. Change the Wi-Fi password daily and until they do the chores they don't get the password, limiting internet access.


Here's to the dads out there.

worst things

Epic parenting fail.

SO funny! And sooooooo true!

Parenting Techniques: Moms vs. Dads | More LOLs Funny Stuff for Moms | NickMom. We don't have kids yet but my hubby already does that with ice cream 😉

Parenting: You're doing it right.

awesome ahaha