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Cold Play - Yellow - It's amazing how a certain sound will trigger memories. When a song plays it takes me back to the time in my life when I played that song over and over, I remember friends as they were then, and a distinctly wonderful feeling overtakes me.

Steppenwolf---"Born to Be Wild"....Steppenwolf Hit #1 With This Great Tune That Spoke to the 60's Mindet of "Being Free"...The Cult Film, "Easy Rider", Picked Up This Tune & Made It An Even More Priceless Classic...Find Someone Who Can't Hum This Tune Older Than 18...Bet Ya Can't!! Love the 60"s!!

Faith Hill & Carlos Santana ~Breathe~ This song is already amazing as is, but with Carlos Santana playing guitar this song is taken to a whole other level! I have goosies!